Drama CantabPhotos was created by Claude Schneider, a Cambridge graduate, photographer and web entrepreneur, after extensive work on photographic web sites, building up tools that allow photographers the ability to maintain their photo galleries without needing any knowledge of web design. A simple interface allows the photographer to add new photo albums to their gallery with minimum effort, presented in a stylish and easy-to-use template design.

Our photo management system is easy to use, and lets you upload new photographs, quickly create thumbnails for browsing, and choose the best pictures to represent your gallery. You can add watermark or copyright information to all photographs if desired, and choose your own prices at which to sell your prints.

Membership is FREE, so there's nothing to lose. You get an online photo gallery of your own photographs, an online store to sell prints of your photographs, a CantabPhotos.com forwarding e-mail address, and the opportunity to see your ideas for the site become a reality. Would you like to get paid to take commissioned photos? Do you want to see your pictures on sale around town? Are you fed up of Cambridge photo studios, and their inflated prices? Want to help build a community of Cambridge photographers?

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