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We're looking for talented photographers who are current students or alumni of Cambridge University. Have a look through the other photographers' work on this site, and if you think your photos belong here, apply below.

Kings If you're a keen photographer, with a portfolio of your work, you could have the opportunity to exhibit and sell prints of your finest pictures online. You will retain full copyright of your photographs, and have the option of adding watermarks.

What you get:

  • An online photo gallery, with as many albums as you want
  • An online store to sell prints of your photographs
  • A e-mail address
  • Promotional material to tell people about your gallery
  • Easy web tools to manage your gallery (add/remove photos, edit album details, set prices etc.)

Why Join?

  • It's FREE!!!!
  • Have your own online photo gallery to exhibit your photographs
  • No knowledge of web design needed!
  • Easy to add photos & update albums
  • Sell your prints - earn some money by taking orders online
  • Be part of a great Cambridge photography community

The site is still growing, with features being added and improved based on member feedback. If you'd like to help improve the site, making it easier for you to add and display your photographs, find out more about CantabPhotos.

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